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Skaven Rat Ogre

Hi! Just wanted to share the process of one of my Rat Ogres. Just looooved to paint it and it really made me want to paint more skaven. Hopefully turning up a Mordheim warband in the end… but we’ll see.

So, no tutorial, just showing the steps. Almost all colors are from the Citadel range with a couple of exceptions.


Three different washes and glaces down…


And some highlighting…

image image

First I didn’t exactly know where to go in terms of Skaven clan. I have had Rictus in mind for a long time, but when the flesh was painted I felt it needed some green details and thus I decided to keep on with a Pestilens clan of some kind…

image image image

So now, only the base left! Hopefully an update on this within a week or so!

Peace out!