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Here you can find the sole released issue of Kinetic 7 – a digital magazine we were all super proud off. Some part of the staff behind the magazine will still write for this as a blog, but we are going to leave paper editor it here for you to enjoy for now.

Issue 1, August 2012 | Click to Download

  • Features on Alkemy and 1650
  • Making plaster scenery Part 1
  • Sculpting a miniature Part 1
  • Painting tutorials



Mananarepublic, Mananadomus, MR – member of many forums but with a grade my paper special love for painting tutorials and industry business discussions. Has written tutorials for both and the now defunkt When he’s not painting his WFB ogres and his Outcast force for Dark Age he works with alternative advertising, design and art projects.

Turn ons: Alkemy, french sculpting and spanish paintjobs
Turn offs:Negativity & superiority



Part time painter, full time yogi. When not bending his limbs into various odd positions or chanting mantras he tries to balance family life, with a job as an interior designer and his love for painting miniatures. Once a Rackham sentinel he has a soft spot for french miniatures but have recently been seen painting Dark Age miniatures and will soon take the plunge with Infinity and an army for Aleph. Skirmish games makes his heart beat faster.



Has been playing 28mm miniature games forever but has always been one of those on and off guys. After his son got born a year ago he got an energy boost seeing how the hobby affected his everyday life in a positive matter, giving him inner joy. He has always beewrite my essayn kind of a terrain freak and loves the wonderful world of Rackham. The flavor right now though is Dark Age and he is about to get cracking on a PanOceanic army for Infinity.


Math Mathonwy

Math Mathonwy is a a semantic web researcher who has been playing minis games for over twenty years now. Very omnivorous in taste when it comes to minis but skirmish scale fantasy and scifi are his favourites and the main problem seems to be that there are too many good games with amazing lines of minis. He has made peace with the fact that he’s likely to start at least one new game every year without ever really letting go of a previous one so his gaming and painting calendar looks very ragtag.



Growing up wanting to be the Incredible Hulk let to an unhealthy obsession of role playing and green paint, which ultimately turned into a great love and appreciation for all things miniature gaming. Feeling the need to contribute on a professional lwrite my essayevel A1 muscled his way into gaming through volunteer work, playtesting and development for many popular and upcoming game lines. When not trying to strike a balance between broken and just right, A1 also reviews and explores ‘a world in miniature’ through his ever popular video blog Throne of Angels. He pays his mortgage and feeds his kids by creating the illusion of life for video games.



Angora is the kind of miniature collector who tends to buy mins at a rate exponentially greater than he paints them. He’s been fascinated by them since an ill-spent youth variously refighting the Napoleonic wars with his brothers or finding the perfect miniature to represent a D&D character (he’s been playing that game for 30 years and counting…) Gaming is not his main hobby, skirmish games do get a look in, but noting puts the wind up our antipodean contributor more than the prospect of painting an entire army.

He’s the proud recipient of no less than 9 Golden Demon Trophies and, as you will no doubt see has dabbled in some sculpting of late.

Currently on a frenzy for: Infinity Miniatures* with an eager eye for the new Wrath of kings gear…

* and whatever else takes his fancy at any given moment…


Having to choose between illustration and painting miniatures, Nicolay decided it was time to pursue the dream of becoming an artist. That is not to say his love for miniatures has dwindled, far from it and his sketches and paintings will always be very closely related to the fantastic universes created by game companies.

Who knows, maybe one day he will be part in creating such worlds.