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Norsgard Kickstarter campaign

When Kickstarter was first introduced to me, I felt like it was made for games/ranges such as the ones from Red-Box Games, Tercio Creativo and from our friend Pawel with his game Norsgard! Small companies with great (and unique) concepts without the finical muscles to move them into production. There are not enough true skirmish fantasy games out there for my taste so I hope this game can grow into a larger range (but not a larger game ;-)).

I got to pull out the “euro” card here in support and just tell you how lovely the models for this range is. I have a few at home and will take photos of them and post this weekend.

For now – please check out the kickstarted campaign!



New tutorial and some WIP models

I have been writing tutorials for Ravage this year (the american magazine), and I have one in the latest issue. The tutorial is for the  awesome game Twisted, which hopefully will come out soon). The miniatures are fantastic and the setting manages to be unique in a industry filled with Steam Punk. I hope you like it and that you check out the game as well!

I have been really into G-dubb plastics, just the basic plastics without any conversions. I tend not to spend too much time on these, just getting them to a nice high TT standard. Just to get them done so I can have that nice fuzzy feeling (of finishing a model) on the inside :-)

The last two models I’ve gotten to the basing stage is the Orc Painboy and the Eldar Farseer.



Next up is the Dwarf Troll slayer…